Back on the road

Took the little darlings puddle hopping for about 5 miles on Saturday (#1 hated me for it) and played tennis for 45 minutes or so last night.  Up early this morning and ran 4.35 miles, very relaxed.  Didn't take my watch because I just wanted to feel the road under my feet and find out how my legs were.  Answer – OK.  The route is out and back, so downwhill and uphill.  Legs a little heavy on the way back but looking back, this is my earliest return to training – eight days since Isle of Wight so no surprises.  Get into some rythmn over the next few days and then make a plan for some speedwork.  Deep joy.

Since I was so relaxed, I took in the views.  I am a lucky soul.  Birdsong everywhere; the countryside bloated and lazy; heavy scent of cow parsley down every lane.  The rape fields are looking green and unfinished and there is no sign of flax yet – late or not growing this year ?  Dunno.  Still a cold North wind but bright and clear and since it is half term a reduction in the volume of homicidal drivers around. 


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