Although I'm still sleeping like an exhausted man and fighting the summer sniffles, I've put my mind to planning the next running event.  A summer of 10k and half marathon action seems wise so's not to lose the edge which I've grudgingly pushed my flabby body into.  A late November marathon should let training fit with the allotment, the little darlings and holidays.

Aims have got to be to get the 10k and half marathon speeds down to give me a chance at a 3:30 marathon, so the schedule has half's at Bourton, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Kenilworth and Stroud and 10ks at Frampton Green (lovely race), Pinewood, Bugatti and Aldbourne.  1:34 for half and 40 minute 10k (cough…..).

That's obviously far more symetrical than I'll manage, but it's a reasonable plan.   


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