Isle of Wight Marathon

Yesterday was the 50th consequetive running of this event, so congratulations to the organisers and their predecessors for some real dedication over the generations.  I have to say that they were all very nice and friendly, even if the medal that they gave me looks like it would be more at home fixed to a car than around my neck.  This was my first and probably last go at this course; my third and least enjoyable marathon so far. 

I entered when the London ballot failed me with the predicatability of my performance on the National Lottery ( I have more 'losers' merchanidise from London than I do 'finishers' from anywhere else) and the mate who was supposed to accompany me to Madrid double booked himself and I didn't fancy the trip alone.  Whilst going down in the glamour stakes, I seemed to have climbed a kind of headbanger index.  The course is very hilly, the day brought enough rain to make Noah nostalgic and a headwind to really sap your strength.  I ended in the top third which is par for my previous attempts but at 3:52 was far slower than plan.  Some blood down my shirt from a nasty nipple was diluted and spread by the rain to make me look nice and tough at the finish but I felt like a wet dishcloth.  Still, no injuries and some peace for a while.  Until we start training again for an Autumn run.

Incidentally, the Isle of Wight is horrid.  The eldest little darling went there on a school trip and had a lovely time, some people have told me that it's like Dorset but the bits I saw are more like Surbiton – unbroken miles of nasty houses. 


One Response to Isle of Wight Marathon

  1. Tom Roper says:

    Entirely agree re Surbiton. I’d imagined that the last 6-7 miles would be coastal, instead we were inland and could have been anywhere.

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